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Alkalize your body – Detoxify your life

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

With summer on the way, you’ve probably thought about kick-starting that healthy glow to ensure you’re showcasing your best self in that bangin’ bikini.

A simple and easy way to ensure you have a summer-shine, is to play with the notion that ‘’good health starts on the inside.’’

Start thinking about an Alkaline based diet.’

What is Alkaline and what does it do to your body?

Alkaline is responsible for keeping tissues supple and reducing inflammation.

It helps prevent arthritis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel disorders as well as cancer. By introducing alkaline you are also improving bone density and reducing the risk of osteoporosis as well as increasing your energy levels, mental clarity and reducing muscle and joint pain.

How to find out if you are alkaline: There is also a simple way to measure how ‘on track’ you are already, to achieving a natural radiance.

By using a ‘PH Dip Stick’ purchased from a pharmacy and mixing it with a morning urine sample.

This can quickly determine using a PH scale, what level your alkaline-acid is. Low PH readings (below 7.0) are considered acidic.

And higher PH readings (above 7.0) are considered alkaline, meaning you have less acidity in your body and on your way to a healthier life.

If your PH reading is high, there is a quick and easy way to recue your body’s acidity, by changing what you put in your body.

Alkaline forming foods are the best way to start! Alkaline diet specialists often recommend the 80:20 rule which means to consume around 80% of alkaline forming foods and 20% of acidic foods.

It is important to try and eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily, to kick start the process. Examples include:

  • Leafy dark green vegetables: Spinach, kale, Swiss chard, turnip greens)

  • Root vegetables (Radishes, beets, carrots, turnips, horseradish) Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts Cucumber, Garlic, Lemon, Apples. While on the road to Alkalizing your body you should steer-clear of acid forming foods such as:

  • Bacon, Beef, Pork, Dairy products, Corn, Soft drinks, Refined sugar. Quick tips for going alkaline:

  1. Start the day with some water and lemon. Add a squeeze of lemon into some lukewarm water and drink before breakfast. This is part of a cleansing process and you’ll surprisingly feel more energized than drinking a cup of coffee.

  2. Reduce the amount of wheat, red meat, dairy, refined sugar and alcohol in your diet. All of these can be enjoyed in moderation, but excess amounts can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated.

  3. Include a good probiotic into your diet, which helps restore good gut flora.

  4. Cook with coconut or avocado oil. Both of these are ‘’good fats.’’

  5. Invest in a great greens supplement, like ‘Vita Greens’ or ‘Nature’s Way Super Greens.’

It will optimize the function of all of your body’s systems.

Number 1 tip for changing any diet: persevere.

These changes will happen over weeks, rather than hours.

Once you conquer the regime, you’ll be bursting with energy all summer long!

Until next time's thoughts...

Keep Dreaming and Believing,

Xx Lani

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