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Education is Wealth

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

The value of Education.

Learning, something is inevitable in human lifestyle. We can't place the value high enough on learning to walk, to talk, to read; at an early age.

Then the education grows deeper, like learning about God, the world & trivial life complexes.

It's important to remember the essential tool education plays in a person's life and how lucky Australians are to have easy access to all types, forms and medias of seeking new knowledge.

I'm thankful for the various teachers in my life.

From my parents, to my friends, my boyfriend, my coach. Extending to my physical therapists, my lecturers and various mentors.

These various groups of people all play an integral role in my life - of teaching me things. As well as learning more about myself along the way.

I've very grateful to have had the opportunity to receive a higher education. I am now in the final year of my university studies, to become a 'Sports Businesswoman,' by qualification title.

(Yes, a Sports Business degree is a real thing) and it has been a trial and error process, to realize that's the knowledge-seeking path, I wanted to make a professional career from.

I have worked part time, full time, casually, up to 4 jobs at once. To part time student, switched degrees to full time student once again.

And I think I've found my niche.

But I would never regret trying those 'lost' career paths, or study choices along the way.

The information, certifications and life experiences I had - in all of those different areas and specialities, essentially expanded my knowledge base. I learned things, I wouldn't have, probably ever - if I didn't venture down that path. And that essentially had lead me to where I am, and what I know, now.

Growing up, you all have your 'Dream Job' of choice.

Other than being a mermaid, mine was always an Olympian.

(I'm still working on that job title) but in order to fuel my passion for sports, and empowering people's lives through exercise, I also became a personal trainer.

That took some study, some exams, some diligence & some formal qualification. But through the perseverance of seeking greater knowledge, to enable myself to be qualified for a job: 1) I would be good at 2) I would enjoy 3) I would help people for a greater good; I knew it'd all be worth it.

Same goes for university studies, college qualifications or any for of studying post high school. As medial as examinations are and keeping up with course work, the ongoing task of turning up to class, making sure you are taking it what information the teacher is providing you with and maybe even being grateful for the fact you are in a position to refocus further studies - you, my friend are on your way to bettering yourself!

Bettering yourself with greater knowledge you once didn't hold. Bettering yourself by gaining a higher qualification, certificate, Level of achievement or employment opportunity. And bettering yourself by wanting to seek the gift of knowledge.

By keeping your brain active, you are keeping your whole self active and actively seeking to know more about the speciality, trade, workforce, interest, or world you are involved in.

Never settle for thinking you have all the knowledge you need - because the gift of learning and seeking newfound knowledge - is an ongoing gift; ever expanding.

Until next times thoughts...

Keep Dreaming and Believing;

xx Lani

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