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Your Optimum Level of Health

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Health and wellbeing is readily discussed in today's society.

With so many training, eating and 'Life motivational' fads around it's easy to get confused about what you should be doing or paying most attention to.

Personally, I think being healthy is made up of many different factors.

For one, you could be very physically fit - but struggling mentally. Or your mentality could be great, but you are actually very unwell.

Health = Balance.

For me, health relies on the following factors:

Physical health: How well your body is physically

Mental health: How your mind operates

Spiritual health: How affirmed you are with yourself religiously, or on a spiritual level.

Let's talk Physical Health:

As an elite athlete, I strive to be as healthy as possible 24/7 to ensure I can get the most out of my training sessions and their demands. But if my body isn't operating at its optimum level of function I.e

I have the flu, aren't feeling 100%, have some niggles or muscle soreness. My body might not be physically able to take the physical demand I am stressing upon it.

This is where listening to your body - needs to become second nature.

This is not only important for athletes, but for someone who wants the most out of their general everyday life!

Fine turning your intuition with your body and listening to what it needs, could be as simple as:

- Knowing when you need quality rest

- Take a day off work

- Visit your doctor for a check up

- When to take training down a notch

- Making the time to take your vitamins

- Ensure you fuel your body with good, nutritious food

- Or Simply drink more water!

Your body is going to thank you later.

By paying attention to the little things your body is telling you; you will give yourself the chance to achieve your optimum level physical wellness.

Mental Health:

In today's society, mental wellness can often be overlooked and not seen as something serious.

It's importance should never go underestimated - as it can affect how you operate, in all other areas of your life.

This can refer to simply 'how confident you feel in yourself!'

I know I have days where everything feels too much, or is overwhelming.

And it's during these stressful times when I need to pay extra attention to being kind to myself.

Your mental health can affect how you operate on a physical level. I.e if you are constantly in state of doubt or anxiousness your body is going to react accordingly. This could lead to unwanted physical symptoms such as muscle tightness (especially in neck and shoulders) ongoing headaches, as well as increased blood pressure and respiration rate.

If you aren't feeling quite yourself, it is extremely important you:

- Chat to someone close to you; about your state of mind, your feelings, or simply to let someone know you're not feeling 'crash hot'

- Ensure you don't stop indulging in life's simple joys: Go for that long walk on the beach, spend the extra half an hour watching your favourite soapie, or eat that sneaky Mars Bar you put away

It's life's simple pleasures, that can have the greatest affect on your mental wellbeing.

Don't forget to reward yourself.

It's the good vibes your put out to the world; that will come back to you, tenfold.

Spiritual health:

This is also something that, without focus can cause other areas of your life to feel unbalanced.

As a Christian, my spirituality is something very important to my overall well being.

If I have days where I've lacked in faith, I might feel lost or unmotivated.

Whether you practice religion, or are a spiritual person, it is important to create routine with this side of your wellbeing.

Ensure you do simple things, often - that affirm you in your faith.

This might be simply spending a few minutes in prayer, or reading God's word each day. As well as simply practicing deep breathing or meditating techniques.

These spiritual practices could be especially useful to remember, during high pressure situations and times of stress.

I know, in times of high pressure such as:

Approaching the starting blocks of a major track race; I am sure to say a little prayer on the start line before I get set.

This is something I do without fail, Because produces as new sense of encouragement for the race set out before me.

Visualization, is also a very powerful spiritual tool. I especially utilise this, the night before a race or event.


- Mentally picturing the task you have set out before

- How you will go through the processes

- The feelings, emotions involved.

- And importantly the desired result - It puts you as accountable!

You are the instructor, you just need to initiate the result.

One of my favourite Olympians, Allyson Felix is also a devoted Christian who practices visualization. She says ‘’I am a big believer in visualization. I run through my races mentally so that I feel even more prepared.’’

Sharing your spirituality with someone close to you, can also be super encouraging.

I am fortunate to have some beautiful friends I share my faith with. This allows me to feel as ease in times of imbalance; knowing I can simply chat to or empathize with someone, who might be experiencing the same.

There you have it.

Your Health; as a whole is something that should never go underestimated, in all facets and branches.

Ensure you do your best to make a balanced life and you may soon find yourself feeling as vibrant and energized, like never before!

Until next time...

Keep Dreaming and Believing!

Xx Lani

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