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The Kindness Pandemic

Hello Friends 😊

Well, What a crazy, uncertain and difficult time the world is facing with the Covid19 pandemic.

If you don't open your eyes to other people's lives, you can't even begin to understand how the world works at all.

My heart goes out to you all.

All those on the front line, our health care workers; our heroes.

All those affected whether it be directly, indirectly,. Those suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, from the loss, anxiety, fear, or uncertainty.

You’ve got this.

We too will get through this. Together!

No, we do not always have control over what happens to us. Certainly in this instance the world may seem somewhat ‘uncontrollable’ even to the dictators who are ‘In charge.’

But what we do have control over is to dictate how we choose to react.

Our thoughts and reactions are what will inevitably reshape our reality.

So in this difficult time and circumstance, I encourage you to:

- Choose Optimism

- Choose Kindness

- Choose Selflessness, my friends.

And, when this all comes to an end; whenever they may be.

I can only pray we remember and embody the lessons we are currently learning.

May we treat others with that same kindness.

Give them the same empathy and stand together with the same solidarity.

As confronting and overwhelming as this all is, there is no denying it is proving to be a powerful period of growth and collective education.

In the meantime, I pray you stay optimistic.

You learn to find simple joy in nature, in a smile of a stranger and in whatever makes you happiest.

I pray you don’t live in fear, but look forward to the future and one day reflecting on how we all came together during this time; not as hoarders, but as neighbours, as communities, as comrades.

Who look out for one another.

Who’ve each other’s backs.

I remind you, that even you can make a difference when feeling helpless.

Because your small act of selflessness does not go unnoticed.

You can help by simply contributing to someone else's life, from wherever you are, with whatever you've got.

You can help inspire a kindness pandemic, for all of humankind.

Until next time,

Keep Dreaming and Believing,

Xx Lani

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