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Routine Ready?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Routine, Schedule, Regime, Plan...

Do you find it hard sticking one ? Particularly when I comes to sticking to an ongoing exercise regime?

We've all been there. Studies suggest it takes at least a minimum of twenty-one days for an old mental image or habit dissolve and a new one to stick. So, if you're attempting to start a new fitness craze, changed your training routine or simply are returning to the gym after a break - don't be hard on yourself if it seems to be taking more effort to 'stick' than you thought.

For me, starting a new routine breaks down to two things:

- Mental Commitment

- Physical Commitment


If I make the mental commitment at the start of the week, when I'm planning my day or simply before I drive to my new activity.

It makes it a lot easier to then complete the task, I've already promised myself I'm doing! For example, I've recently dedicated myself to equally attending yoga classes, in the Athletics off-season. Something I've 'wanted' to do for years. But have never made that commitment before. I know, it'll be full of endless benefits for my physical health, as 'active rest,' stress release & flexibility manganese.

As well as my mental health, for de-stress and rid of tension. But I've said to myself 'Yes Lani' you are going to do this. The mental promise is there - and even better promising to go with a friend, gives me 'accountability' on the days when I'd much prefer nap-time on my rest day than yoga time or when other life obstacles might get in the way.

Second - the physical commitment.

This one is about deciding you are in it for the long haul. Regardless of the sore muscles to begin with, the hard task of getting out of bed that hour earlier to make the gym or meet with a PT, the sacrifice of watching your fave show over your new fitness class. It's body over mind - in the sense you will commit yourself to your new task; no matter what your mind is telling you - you are deciding not to let your body give up.

On my first day returning to the yoga room, I was a little sketchy. I'd stretched muscles I hadn't for months. My balance was a bit off. And I wasn't entirely comfortable saluting the sun with ease - as I once was. But, I had already committed mentally. I wasn't going to let my body give up, just because it was something new. Something I wasn't autonomous at or came naturally. But I knew my body needed it!

The result of mental and physical commitment? Progress!

Not necessarily straight away. And not necessarily physical progress - immediately. But the progress of regularly achieving something, you set out to do! The result of progressing yourself to commit to a brand new task, something scary, or mysterious The sense of achievement that you didn't give up because it was 'too hard' or required to much extra effort. The kick ass feeling when you do see physical changes, to your body goals - or you do jump out of bed full of energizing endorphins (thanks to your new exercise venture) in the morning!

Exercise is known to cause health and happiness - and that is a routine, you are worth investing in and committing to.

Until next times thoughts...

Keep Dreaming and Believing,

Xx Lani

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