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Training for Purpose

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Why do you train?

Someone once asked me: ''Why do you put yourself through it?

The training.

The pain. The disappointments.

The ongoing commitment, for so little reward?'' I said:

''Because I have a big goal. And I want it; more than anything in the world.''

We all have a goal. We all have a visionary 'better version of ourselves.' But in a materialistic Kardashian influenced, society - it's easy to lose sight of who you are bettering yourself, changing yourself, creating yourself, for.

Personally, I have a pretty big goal that I'm always training for. The Olympic Games. But it's easy to lose sight of that, in the daily grind of 'Do I have to get up in the dark, this rainy day and get my ass to the gym...'

mall steps. And perspective.

You want your dream body. Key word 'You.'

And that's exactly who you should be training for.

Not someone's pre-conceived notion of what you should be, how you should act or what you ought to be doing with your life.

You my friends, should always be the judge in your ''court room of life decisions.''

It's sad to think, that allegedly 1 out of every 3 women in Australia, will resort to some form of body enhancement surgery in their lifetime, to alter their physical appearance.

If their notion is to better please themselves; then okay; fair enough.

But the generalization would be to make themselves more appealing for someone else.

It's easy to get influence via the media, of what is inspirational, what is deemed fashionable or sexy.

I too, am susceptible to the influences of the material world; my friends would vouch for me on all the horrible spray tans I've rocked over the years...

All to look out most ideal; right?...

But to whom?

The hot guy you've been crushing on?

The boss you've been trying to impress?

The lecturer, you aspire to receive a perfect grade from?

No. It's you! And should always be you.

Even if, my eighteen years of training - multiple times a week.

Eating the 'right' foods to best fuel my body.

Sacrificing social events; for getting to bed early to ensure I perform at my best for training the next morning.

It would all be worth it.

Because, I'm doing it - for me. And it's always been for me.

Not to prove anyone wrong, to make anyone proud.

But to create the best version of myself, for myself and see what we can do with all these gifts; I've been blessed with.

Take some time to day to reflect. Who are you training for -

Metaphorically and physically?..

Sometimes readjusting your priorities can make you that much happier, stress free and operate with a clearer mind.

Keep on - training for you!

Until next time's thoughts...

Keep Dreaming and Believing;

Xx Lani

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