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Welcome, Friends! :)

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

I'm Lani and Welcome to my blog.

A Blog dedicated to sharing with you:

- Empowerment through Health and Fitness tips.


- Inspiration through encouraging greatness in your daily life, short-term goals and lifelong dreams.

One of my favourite sayings I use without fail, every-single-day. To myself, my personal training clients, my mates in need of a pick-me-up, or in a message to my mum:


Over time, this has become a very important affirmation to me. It symbolises so many life factors, I have the potential of essentially ''Getting.''

Eg) Before helping someone achieve a Personal Best in the gym, I would encourage them with an affirming, loud: ''YOU GOT THIS, Champ!'' Which will essentially inspire them to believe that, yes, In fact they do, got this!

And will successfully go on to complete the task or challenge set out in front of them.

''You got this,'' ''We got this,'' ''I got this,'' can be used in varying, multitudes of situations.

I've even taken advantage of it's affirming power by writing it in bold letters and sticking it on my wall, so I see it everyday.

Sometimes we forget the power and affect a simple word(s) can have on our mental and physical wellbeing.

The power of your mind and what words ring-true to you, can much of the time affect your physical situation. By using encouraging words or ''affirmations,'' when you mightn't be feeling the best. It can actually make your subconscious believe what your mind is saying; and much of the time will improve your previous state of wellbeing.

If it's something I need to constantly remind myself is, that you only get out of each day, what you are prepared to put in. And you are the decision maker in that.

If you want greatness, you bloody-well better be prepare to work your booty off for it; sweat a little more, challenge a little bigger and clear higher hurdles.

'Things work out best; for those who make the best of the way that things work out!''

Start with saying you can. Thinking you can. Believing you can. and YOU GOT THIS; in no time.

Until next time...

Keep dreaming and believing,

Xx Lani

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