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Your Body, Your Signs

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Welcome to a discussion, all about the importance of about listening to your body.

Your body is yours. It's a unique vessel, independently designed to get you through each day. Physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. It operates as a whole.

It tells you when it's time for sleep, by a yawn.

When it's time to eat through a tummy rumble and essentially; through that delightful sense of urgency - when it's time time to pee, (TMI? My bad).

Your body can also give warning signs, to whether something is up.

This could be as simple as: sweating when your nervous; due to a heightened rush of adrenaline or a muscle cramp; warning you of severe muscle tightness (or that you forgot to stretch again!)..

But your body can also be super efficient at telling you that something may be seriously wrong. I have recently experienced some health issues; that were fortunately caught early.

Ultimately, because I gave in and listened ;to my unusual back pain.

That in the end wasn't muscular. It was actually a sign telling me something was wrong; internally. At this point, it was early enough to ensure nothing was threatening, and I'm well on my way to recovery.

This was tough for me, someone who thinks they're stronger than that; normally pushes on through pain or niggles (strong pain tolerance; for one) but ignorance to listen to my body - (as much as I should) on the other hand.

It's important, that although we might think we're a 'tough nut,' or rely on pain killers.

Our body is actually sending warning signs, through pain receptors, saying something is up!

And you, you wonderful human - need to listen up straight!

There's a story of an Olympic athlete, that suffered from terrible, ongoing headaches. He, however knew he had training to do and didn't want to let a silly little headache get in the way. He got on with the job and kept on training.

It was only when he fainted a few times post training sessions, that he thought it was time to investigate. Through the a simply CT scan, that the doctors discovered he actually had a large tumor on his brain! By this man, giving in to his body's messages and deciding it was telling him something.

He essentially saved his life.

As healthy as this man was. An elite athlete, a textbook example of what health and fitness should look like.

A balanced life, but an exceptional life.

If, this man didn't give in to what his body was telling him.

And he kept on training, managed the pain; but decided to remain ignorant to what the headaches were telling him.

He well and truly, mightn't have lived, for that next Olympics.

Whether you are suffering unusual headaches, sore muscles, a strain or a pain.

Don't let it go unnoticed. Your health is worth listening to.

Until next time's thoughts...

Keep Dreaming and Believing.

Xx Lani

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