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Who's in Your Circle?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Choose good life company:

As an athlete. I cannot place a higher value on building a firm foundation of people around you. My crew, my family, my squad, my team, my homies, My circle.

The people you can be silly around, turn to for advice, cry in a shoulder with or simply share in life with. At tough times, ill times, busy times or stressy times - I'm a constant offender of not letting those people help me - as much as they're willing. This can put a strain on not only your emotions, but the people you care about most - without even realizing!

Now, your ''home gurlz'' will always have your back. But letting them in (when all you want to do is lye in bed, with chocolate & Netflix) might not only make you guys closer, but you'll be able to share the choccy! (so you don't feel like you have to do so many K's on the treadmill tomorrow) but also have a shoulder to (literally) lean on at the same time.

Talking through what's on your mind, has also proven to release physical tension from your body - allowing you to work, workout & do daily activities with more ease. Shoulder tension, headaches & back pain can all be directly related to high levels of stress.

But taking some weight off your shoulders and letting someone simply listen, offer advice, or cry with you - will bound to ease some of those physical pain.

As a track and field athlete; you are on your own; there is no team. It is an individual sport; comparing to other sporting codes. However - It is your choice to make your own 'team' in form of training squad, fellow competitors and recognizable officials or simply your go-to cheerleaders, that'll be spectating no matter what. These people gradually become your little team, your people. Your 'Track family' - so you are really never alone out there on the track.

Throwing it back to about a year ago; A very stressful and high pressured time. Right before I was due to head overseas and represent Australia. I had a very unfortunate event occur, in my personal life. Now, the time I was heartbroken. I thought my world had changed. I was devastated.

But I was not lonely for a second.

My family - blood-related and ''adopted,'' were right there.

They never left and didn't stop making me smile; when I thought it wasn't possible. My world did change, but at the time little did I know life works out, the way it's supposed to. When we're busy making plans.

Through big events like these in my life or smaller everyday ones, challenges and trials.

I have learned, a lot of people are out there to use you; ultimately to better themselves.

Your good energy. Your good heart. Unfortunately, you can remain oblivious. And in result, drawn the short straw.

But there are those other people. The one's that will always remain true.

That will do everything in their power to protect your spirit.

Your good nature! Lift you up, and laugh - more than you thought possible. These are your squad. Your mates before dates. Your people.

And by letting these people in, so many friendships can be strengthened, new bonds formed and memories can be made out of misery.

If you surround yourself with people, who only lift you higher - you can never fail. Because they'll always be there to catch you. Or laugh about it when you (physically) fall.

Until next times thoughts...

Keep dreaming and believing.

Xx Lani

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