Elana 'Lani' Withnall 

Hails from Old Bar, a small country coastal town in NSW, Australia.

Lani is much more than just an Athlete.

She is also a coach, a motivational speaker, and big-believer.

An ''all or nothing,'' kinda girl, willing to give anything a red-hot-go.

She competes for a glory greater than herself and is Fuelled By Faith.

Her mission is to aspire to inspire:

The next generation, people with barriers to exercise and wellness

and hopefully you, reading this page...

The Athlete

Track and Field

​ Lani is an Internationally ranked Heptathletle

2 X IAAF Oceania Heptathlon Champion

She retired from the heptathlon following breaking her back during the heptathlon

at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games trials. 

She made her comeback with a shift in focus

to the sprints, 400m hurdles and jumps with national success.

Lani's career has gone ''full circle,'' 2020  saw her make a comeback to the track

and is now training for the triple jump.

She competed at her second Olympic Trials in 2021.

With the Tokyo qualifier not-to-be, she has her sights set on the 2024 Paris Games.

Lani has represented NSW at a national level in Athletics for 15 consecutive years.


Following the Heptathlon, Lani was talent scouted to train abroad

as part of the Australian Winter Olympic Shadow Team, alongside her brakeman Jana Pittman;

Ahead of the 2018 Winter Olympics, where she was Bobsleigh Pilot.

near-death experience while training abroad in Canada,

forced her to retire from the Bobsled.

Once again saw the elusive Olympic Dream fall short.

Rugby Sevens

Lani determined to keep The Dream alive, took her next shot

at playing Rugby Sevens. Within 18 months of learning the game,

Lani earned representation playing in two state representative

teams in the AON Nationals Sevens Series, as a winger.

She missed out on qualifying for National Team Selection

ahead of Tokyo Olympic selection, due to a season-ending concussion.

Ninja Warrior

Determined to live her life with more 'Wows' than What Ifs...'

2020 saw Lani turning a season-ending concussion from Rugby, into calisthenics.

With only 8 weeks specific training she took up the ultimate fitness challenge:

By auditioning for Channel 9's Ninja Warrior Australia...

and made it onto the show!​​​

The Journalist

Lani is a qualified journalist with a Post Graduate Diploma from

University Technology Sydney (UTS) in Sports Media (Journalism). 

Lani is an emerging broadcaster reporter and presenter.

You can hire Lani for speaking or Emceeing events and conferences here.

Her podcast 'The Athlete Insider' can be accessed here.

You can listen to her podcast 'Fuelled By Faith' here.

Lani's YouTube series can be viewed here.

The Business Owner

During 2020's Covid Pandemic lockdown,

Lani's father and fiancé' joined forces 

to renovate and old trailer into a mobile Coffee Cart.

Introducing Coffee With Kindness.

Much more than just a coffee shop - a mental wellness initiative.

Each cuppa includes a compliment, to inspire kindness

into our little community after the year we've all had.

You can hire Coffee With Kindness for your event,

sports carnival, market or conference.

The Leader

Lani has earned leadership positions for her renowned enthusiasm,

positivity and teamwork on and off the field.

She had the honour of being Australian Athletics Team Captain in 2014 and

Australian Team Opening Ceremony Flag Bearer, in 2013.

Lani is a member of the Minvera Network: Professional Women in Sport Community.

She taught PD/H/PE to impoverished children in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2015. 

Lani was a Miss Universe Australia NSW State Finalist in 2013.

The Coach

Lani's greatest passion above all lies within helping people.

She aspires to give back the community that has supported her,

and share the education of health and fitness to empower healthier lives.

 Her personal training business ''E.W Fierce Fitness,''

has allowed her passion to extend to coaching Little Athletics,

speed development for first grade Rugby Union and special population training,

The Ambassador

Lani is a health and wellness ambassador as well as

being renowned as a spokesperson for body positivity in her work as a fitness model.

Lani is also a positive mindset advocate across her social media channels,

as she shares her unique vibrant brand of uplifting messages,

her faith, and feel-good posts, with her friends and followers daily.


Above all, Lani hopes her journey can encourage you to

live a little more boldly,

dream a little more daringly,

And shine your light a little more brightly.