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Elana Withnall 

Hails from Old Bar, a small country coastal

town in NSW, Australia.

Aspires to live her life with more 'WOWs' than 'what if's.'

Elana is renowned for her upbeat personality

as well as representing Australia,

across three sporting disciplines:
Heptathlon, Bobsled, Rugby Sevens.


Elana has appeared as a contestant on

Channel 9’s Australian Ninja Warrior.

She is currently battling toward her childhood dream

of being an Olympian, this time in the Triple Jump.


Elana has many stories to share about resilience and

‘keeping on, keeping on’ as she survived

two near-death experiences, a broken back and
her daily battle with with Coeliac Disease,


Elana is a qualified sports journalist,
corporate speaker, emcee and event and podcast host.

More importantly she is also a mental health advocate

and positive mindset ambassador.

Her mission is to aspire to inspire:

The next generation, people with

barriers to health and wellness

and hopefully you, reading this page...

If you want to learn more and hear her crazy stories, 

enquire how Elana can speak at your next event here.

If you want to hear more, listen to

her podcast Fuelled By Faith here.

If you want to be part of the journey follow along here.

Above all, Elana's hopes to

encourage you to live a little more boldly,

dream a little more daringly,

And shine your light a little more brightly.


You're never to old

and it's never too late

to go after your dreams, today.

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