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Elana is able to shine a light on any occasion,
by delivering dynamic, interactive speaking presentations for audiences, businesses, functions, charity and special events with her own unique brand of
uplifting, inspiring and down-to-earth energy.

Elana can tailor her talk to suit any key themes on your event.
She can speak on but not limited to: health and fitness, motivation, resilience, persisting beyond limitations, goal setting and visualisation, positive body image, leadership, mental health, rising above adversity, overcoming injury, her Faith,
as well as draw personally, from her own resilience story. 

Elana is also a qualified journalist and can interview talent, emcee and conduct keynote speeches, as well as lead practical goal setting
and motivation workshops for corporate or school environments.

Elana can give interactive keynote speeches, with her overarching message of resilience, and what she's learned about The Journey not always being ‘straight and narrow.'
Elana candidly and vibrantly draws from her own story in sharing the recipe of what it takes to win a gold medal for Australia multiple times, captaining the Australian Athletics team, and competing internationally across three sporting disciplines.

Elana shares her adversities openly and light-heartedly including how she overcame breaking her back, triumphing over 10 major injuries, healing holistically after ‘burnout’ and living with an incurable autoimmune condition. Not to mention the one time she was almost killed while piloting a bobsled for Australia, mental health struggles, or how she casually found herself a Ninja, on national television.

Elana  playfully explores the lessons found in life's inevitable failures, the importance of mental wellness and optimism.

She aspires to inspire all walks of life with her optimistic message of ‘keeping on, keeping on,'  which has in turn empowered her to simply just keep going, as she now trains toward qualifying for the Olympic Games.

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