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Optimism and the power to control your mood

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

When nothing is going right, go left!

When something goes wrong in your day.

It's incredibly easy to feel like you've lost sight of your goals, your regime or your week in general.

And it can be even easier to stress about it, wonder ''why me,'' or curl up in a big ball of negativity.

But it can also be just as easy to ''roll with it.''

It's moments like these, where nothing has generally gone to plan. I have to ''breathe'' and literally LOL at myself.

And think: ''it's not WHY is this happening.'' It's ''What can I do about it.''

You're a beautiful ray of sunshine; with control of your life at your fingertips.

Don't let this one silly thing rule you or your day.


I use these daily. Especially when I think things may have fallen to pieces.

Phrases like: ''I am strong, I am powerful, I can do anything.''


''I am the power. I control my destiny.'' Emanate especially well, when emotions are running high and all you can think of is that little annoying event that's blown up in your face.

When you begin to radiate positivity with your mind. Your body will start to believe it! And you'll magically feel less stressed, shaky or anxious.

Deep Breaths. Your new diet has totally fallen to pieces? - Start again tomorrow.

You've broken out right before a big social event?

- Go treat yourself to a facial.

You've had a fight with your partner?

Hang out with your fam or your mates to distract you.

If it's something I've learned.... through all the times life's thrown a surprise at me.

1) You're never going to be given something you can't handle.

2) There's always a way around things.

And chances are someone close to you could be experiencing something similar. Don't be afraid to admit it's not all smiles and rainbows.

Be Real with those close to you and share your feels.

You'll become closer for it and feel supported through it all.

You are your own power.

Radiate good vibes and good energy will follow you.

Until next time's thoughts...

Keep Dreaming and Believing

Xx Lani

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